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Anyone looking to gain muscle must ensure they get enough protein in their diet. Many turn to protein powders as a cost effective solution, ensuring you can have a high-protein diet without breaking the bank. Protein supplements are also designed to get into your system quickly, perfect for those of you who don’t have time to eat a meal immediately after a session.

Protein can be confusing, not only because of the wide range of flavours available but also because of the types of protein used, the cost per gram of protein and the list of ingredients that come with them. From a legal stand point, any types of protein powder labelled, as ‘concentrate’ has to contain 35-80% protein by weight and any labelled ‘isolate’ 90% protein.

Whey protein powder

The most common form of protein, whey is derived from milk and available in everything from traditional strawberry, vanilla and chocolate to tiramisu, summer fruits and pecan pie.

Whey is an easily digestible complete protein. It limits muscle breakdown and can assist with repair and rebuilding, especially when consumed straight after a sweaty session when enzyme and protein synthesis is most active.

Whey protein is widely available and there are plenty on the market to choose from, many of which aren’t great quality. When creating Proto-Fuel, we wanted to deliver a high-quality protein that tasted delicious, mixed well and provided our customers with visible results. Proto-Fuel is our best selling supplement, created with added BCAA’s and digestive enzymes. It’s available in three classic flavours – chocolate, strawberry and cookies & cream.

Pre-workout protein powderpt_portal_types_of_protein_powder_go_fuel

To maximise the amount of protein in your diet and really feel the benefits, we recommend using a pre-workout whey shake for extra energy. Pre-workout shakes vary from other supplements because they contain vitamins and caffeine enabling you to push yourself even harder during your sessions.

At PT Portal HQ we rely on our pre-workout shake Go-Fuel to fuel our gym sessions. Go-Fuel is a zero-sugar carbohydrate shake, designed to provide explosive energy and extra focus while enhancing your muscle strength. We also added vitamin C, B6 and B12 along with caffeine to improve concentration.

Post-workout protein powder

The most important time to take your protein shake is post-workout. Recovery is an essential part of exercise, enabling you to keep working towards your goals and see visible results fast. That’s why developed Re-Fuel, a protein supplement packed with magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin E to help you recover after a hard session.

Re-Fuel is available in strawberry and chocolate, the added magnesium and vitamin C contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism while vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative damage.

Casein protein powder

Casein is similar to whey and is actually the primary protein found in cow’s milk. The reason it’s not as popular as it’s difficult to digest, making it suitable as a bedtime protein shake when a slow release of nutrients is beneficial.

Lactose-free protein powder

If you’re vegan or have a dairy allergy, a plant-based protein is a great alternative for you. These come in the form of soy, pea and hemp. Soy is a complete protein and therefore the most popular. It does, however, have its downfalls, with high-oestrogen, it’s recommended that this plant protein be consumed in moderation.

Pea protein is highly digestible and can help convert carbs into energy to stop it being stored as fat. Pea is less popular as its not a complete protein and needs to be paired with other sources of protein such as hemp.

Hemp is a near-complete protein that’s high in fibre and offers omega-6 essential fatty acids. Like pea protein, hemp should be combined to create a complete protein so keep a look out for brands that combine multiple vegan sources to create the perfect protein.

pt_portal_types_of_protein_powder_trim_fuelWeight gain protein powder

When you have a fast metabolism it can be extremely difficult to reach your targets in the gym, especially when following a healthy diet. Supplements high in calories, carbohydrates and protein are often used for maximum weight and muscle gain.

Increasing the amount of whey protein you take can have a similar effect, you may want to consider taking 20g of a supplement such as Proto-Fuel before your workout, 40g within an hour after and even adding another 20g of protein to your breakfast.

Weight loss protein powder

You can also supplement your diet to maximise weight loss. Those looking to drop lbs in the gym benefit from a low-calorie protein shake or meal replacement shakes.

Added protein will help you stay fuller for longer, switch your breakfast for a smoothie packed with healthy vegetables and a scoop of Trim-Fuel, our meal replacement shake. Trim-Fuel, available in chocolate and strawberry, manages your weight while giving you the energy to lead an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re shopping for a whey protein such as Proto-Fuel, looking for something to give you energy such as Go-Fuel or hoping to lose weight with Trim-Fuel, PT Portal have the right types of protein powder to suit you and support your efforts in the gym. Don’t forget to pair your protein with one of our premium shakers!

We’re always open to suggestions; let us know what products you’d love to see from the PT Portal Store in the comments section below!

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