How To Find A Personal Trainer


Finding a personal trainer can be difficult, but once you have found one, they will help you meet your fitness goals that you might have found difficult to reach on your own. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t free, so it is important that when you’re looking for a personal trainer that you find one that you’re comfortable with, and that can offer you the best value for money. Our guide will show you how to find a personal trainer, and what to look for when trying to find one that will suit you.

How to find a personal trainer

There are a lot of personal trainers about, so it’s just a case of looking in the right place. You can find personal trainers both by online and offline methods, so there are plenty of ways to find the right personal trainer for you.


Google – Simply searching on Google for personal trainers in your area can be a good way to find personal trainers who train in private gyms or at your home. They’re likely to have their own website, so you’ll also be able to find out more information about them before getting in touch.

PT Directory – Looking in PT Directories is the perfect way to find personal trainers near you. With lists of personal trainers, you should have loads to choose from. You can find out contact information and if they have a website before getting in touch.

Facebook – A lot of personal trainers are likely to have a Facebook page advertising their services. Searching for personal trainers in your area on Facebook is likely to bring up some results. If a personal trainer does not have a Facebook page, they instead might put ‘PT’ in their Facebook name, so watch out for that as well.


Gym – If you have a local gym nearby, then they are likely to have personal trainers for you to hire. Ask at the gym to find out the rates and find out more about the individual trainers. If you already go to a gym, watch the personal trainers in action when you’re there. This will give you a good indication on how they train, and if you think they’ll be right for you.

Friends – Asking friends and people you know if they’ve heard about any good personal trainers is a good way to find one. Speaking to people who have had a first hand experience with a personal trainer will give you more confidence that you’re going to get good value for money.

How to find a personal trainer that’s right for you

Once you’ve found a potential personal trainer, you need to make sure that they’re right for you, and that you’re going to get the best value for money. Consider these things when looking for a personal trainer:


Location is important to consider, especially if you’re short on time. Is the personal trainer based at a gym or at home? If it’s a long drive, maybe consider someone closer for more convenience.

If they’re based at a gym, how busy does the gym get? You don’t want to pay loads of money for a trainer, and then have no equipment to use when you’re at your session because it’s all being used. Speak to your personal trainer if you have any worries.

If they’re based in a private gym or at their home, consider the type of equipment they have, especially if you have a specific niche goal in mind. For example, if you want to bulk up, you want to make sure they have the right weights. Any good personal trainer should have everything they need for an effective session, but it is still worth finding out a bit more before you commit.

Can they do sessions at your home? For some, having a session at home is the ultimate in convenience because you can save time on travelling. If this is what you’re looking for, again, consider the equipment they have and the sort of training they do. You can have effective sessions using only your own body weight, so consider your goals and if you might need anything more specific. Ask your trainer for advice on training at home and if it is right for you and your goals.

Another option to consider is to find a personal trainer near you work. If you have a personal trainer that does sessions near you, you can consider having sessions in your lunch hour. A high intensity 30 minute session is just as effective as a slow-paced 60 minute session. Find out if your personal trainer works in a gym near you or if there is a park you can train in.

Hourly rate

Money is going to be one of the main factors to consider when finding a personal trainer.  Personal trainers typically charge between £30-£45 an hour. Most trainers will do package deals which work out cheaper, so if you’re really committed to getting a personal trainer, find out what deals they offer.

Before committing to a personal trainer, it’s important to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with them and what they can offer you. Most trainers will offer a free first session, where they will go through you medical history, fitness, goals and then give you a taster session of what they would do in a normal session. This is great to see if you’re happy with your trainer before committing. Don’t feel pressured to continue after your taster session if you don’t feel comfortable. There are loads of personal trainers out there, so just keep looking.


If you’re going to get a personal trainer, you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing. Find out what qualifications they have, as all personal trainers need to be qualified before offering sessions. Typically, most trainers will have a REPs  (Register of Exercise Professions) qualification, which is an organisation that provides regulation for personal trainers to make sure that they meet the industry’s agreed national standards.


If you’re looking for a niche trainer, for example, someone who specialises in bodybuilding, find out what qualifications they have for this niche. You want to make sure you’re confident that your personal trainer can offer you what you need, and a proof of qualification will give you that confidence.


A personal trainer can tell you they’re the best in the world, but without any proof you’ll never know if what they’re telling you is the truth. Finding testimonials from others is the perfect way to find proof that the personal trainer can give you the results you need. If they have a website they’re likely to have testimonials already there, and look for some before and after photos from their other clients so you can see the transformations they’ve helped to do.

PT Portal PT Directory

Finding a good personal trainer can be hard. However using the PT Portal PT Directory is the perfect way to find a personal trainer. All personal trainers in the PT Directory will have their very own microsite, so you can see their hourly rate, qualifications and testimonials all in one place, allowing you to find out loads of information before getting in touch. To start your search today, visit the PT Directory.


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