Benefits of 30 Minute Training Sessions

A new study done by the University of Copenhagen shows that doing 30 minutes of exercise compared to one hour gives better results. Those who did 30 minutes lost 8 lbs. over three months compared with just 6 lbs. from those doing one hour. Suggesting 30 minute training sessions to your clients rather than a much longer session may be more beneficial to them and to you. Read on to see the benefits of a 30-minute training.

Easier for clients

Many of your clients are likely to be busy working people, meaning that they probably don’t have much time to actually train. A 30-minute training session may be easier to fit into their schedule. It may even be that they will book more sessions with you if 30 minutes is more convenient.

Just as effective

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538Training for 30 minutes can be just as effective as training for longer, as the study suggests. Your client may see 30-minute sessions as more doable. They are likely to have more desire and energy for such a short session, meaning the benefits they get will be much higher. Short, high intensity sessions will be more valuable for your client as they have more energy.

 Intensity is better than duration

In a 30-minute session your client is likely to be able to put more intensity into their workout. In a longer session their energy levels are likely to start dropping and they won’t be putting in as much continuous effort. The body responds better to intensity rather than duration, so it’s more useful for your client who will be more likely to see better results quicker. A good session could include 20 minutes of resistance and 10 minutes of cardio. Although 10 minutes doesn’t seem very long, if your client puts a lot of intensity into the 10 minutes the benefits will just be the same than if it was for much longer. The more intense the workout, the more calories per minute the body will burn, resulting in a much stronger post-exercise reaction.

More beneficial for the rest of the day

If your client works out for 60 minutes or longer, it is likely that afterwards, they won’t have much energy. A session just 30 minutes long is going to leave your clients with much more energy to be able to carry them through the rest of the day. They are going to be able to be more physically active, so they’ll be able to carry on burning calories through their other daily activities.

The study suggested that the reason those doing 60 minutes of exercise lost less weight is thought to be that those who exercised for longer ate more when they got home. Because they have lost so much energy they will eat more to compensate, effectively cancelling out the exercise that they just did. By only doing 30-minute sessions, your client won’t be as exhausted and isn’t going to need to eat to compensate to gain more energy.

More time for you

Of course, 30-minute sessions aren’t only beneficial for your clients, but they can also be good for you. Training a client for 30 minutes rather than longer is going to leave you more time to organise yourself and get from one client to another. It’s also going to mean you’re left more time to fit in more clients, and by being able to fit in more clients, you’re going to be able to earn more money!

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