4 Types of Personal Training Client

the 4 types of pt client

Every Personal Training client is different, but in general I have found there are 4 types of Personal Training client.

1. Gym Bunny – Highly motivated and get results.

These clients turn up at least once a week, usually early, with a positive attitude and ready to work hard.  These are the clients who will love the Assigned Workout feature on PT Portal.  This is their fitness ‘homework’, and reminds them what additional value they get from having a Personal Trainer.  These clients are great people to ask to provide a testimonial for your PT Portal Personal Trainer website.  They achieve results and get the body and the fitness levels they want, and love you for it!

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2. Excuse Maker – Unmotivated, keen to avoid hard work, complainers.

We all know them, we all train them – we all dread their sessions.  The best way of managing these clients is to set realistic goals or SMART goals.

S – specific

M – measurable

A – achievable

R – realistic

T – time-based

SMART goals keep these clients loyal, focused and motivated.  Check out the Goal feature on PT Portal.  Both you and your clients can keep track of them.

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3. The Part-Timers – Never have time to train outside your sessions but want results.

These are tough clients as they mean well, and work hard in the sessions with you, but they expect results without doing any other exercise outside of your sessions.  Block Bookings and Training Offers are the trick with these clients.  Get them to sign up to a Block of Sessions so they pay in advance, and give them a discount to make the cost seem less daunting. Once they have got into a better routine and noticed the difference they will soon keep coming back for more Block Bookings.

4. The Time-Wasters – Turn up late, cancel sessions and eat a mars bar as training fuel.  

These clients come once a fortnight and probably cancel at least one of these two monthly sessions.  This is when the Last Minute Session feature with PT Portal really adds value.  As soon as you book in their session you hit the ‘charge for cancellation’ button.  You can then decide whether to offer these Last Minute Sessions to the rest of your client base so that you keep your calendar full and income steady.

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To manage all your different client personalities and help them to achieve their full potential, whatever their attitude, sign up for a free PT Portal account here.

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