Choosing a niche

As a personal trainer, you will be training a wide variety of different people, and as you develop in this industry, you’ll be able to start meeting the needs of a wide variety of different people who come to you with different needs. By now then you should know at least the basics in a wide variety of different fields. However, becoming a personal training specialist and choosing a niche could be something you’re missing and something that would greatly develop your personal training business.

We’ve come up with a guide on why you should choose a niche, how to do this and the problems you may face.

Why you should chose a niche

There are lots of advantages to choosing a speciality. First and foremost it’s going to give you a marketing advantage, which of course is going to help you when marketing yourself and gaining potential clients. When choosing a niche it’s likely that there won’t be much competition from other personal trainers, so with the right marketing you’ll be attracting loads of clients that you would never have reached before. Clients who are coming to you who fit your niche are obviously going to feel more confident and comfortable knowing that you know exactly what is going to help them. People in a certain niche are also willing to pay more for someone who is going to be able to train them exactly to their needs, rather than someone who doesn’t have as much in-depth knowledge. Selecting a niche means you’re going to be able charge more for your services because you’re offering a better service that is tailored more to the client’s individual needs.

Who to train

There are so many different groups of people to choose to train that it is very likely you’ll find something that interests you. How about considering training elite athletes, athletes in a certain sport, new mums, pregnant woman, children or people with disabilities. You could also consider a niche in a certain type of exercise, such as Pilates, spinning, yoga or HIIT.

How to choose a niche and getting started

Choose something you’re passionate about

yoga-263673_640When choosing a niche for becoming a personal trainer specialist you are going to need to choose something that you’re passionate about. You should also focus on your strengths so that you’re going to be offering the best service possible. You might find that there’s already something you’re naturally moving towards. It’s easier to naturally discover a niche you’re interested in and developing it from there rather than forcing something you’re not really passionate about and that doesn’t really meet your strengths. You might find that you inherently like working with children and so choosing to work closer with children is right for you or that in particular you like offering HIIT workouts, so starting to develop a niche in that area is the most practical for you to develop.

Check out the competition and find a gap in the market

It can be a good idea to look at what other personal trainers are doing in your area and check out the competition. For example, working with the disabled may be something you’re really interested in doing, but if there’s ten other personal trainers already specialising in that niche then getting clientele is going to be even harder. Try and find a gap in the market as well as something you’re passionate about to get the best result.

Get qualified and become an expert

Once you’ve decided what your speciality is going to be, you need to get qualified to become a personal training specialist. There are loads of courses out there that will offer specialty training. To be successful in a niche you need to really know your stuff, so start getting qualifications to learn more and have better in-depth knowledge. It’s also a good idea to read articles and keep up to date with any changes or advancements in your niche so that you can stay competitive. When first starting out, it can be a good idea to experiment with different techniques and see what works for your clients and what doesn’t, and continue to develop your own skills and training. You need to stand out from competitors who are also in your niche. To be successful, you’re going to need to really be an expert, which will also allow you to charge higher prices to your clients.

Stick to one

You might find that there are lots of different niches that you’re really interested in and passionate about and it can be easy to want to train to be an expert in all of them. But if you’re constantly trying to keep up to date with that’s happening in all of your chosen niches then you’re going to end up falling behind competitors. It’s much more advisable to just focus on one and become the best in that one field rather than being okay in many. Remember the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”, which is certainly going to be relevant for choosing a niche

Problems you might face

Although finding and developing a speciality can be great for your personal training business, there are problems that you are likely to face. There is a chance that for some specialities, your clients may stop when they no longer fit the niche. Of course if your niche is working with disabled patients, in some cases this isn’t going to be relevant. But for other cases, such as pregnant mums or children, at some point they either will no longer be pregnant or the children will grow up. It can be a good idea to focus not just on the short term needs but focus on their long-term health and fitness too. For example, once the woman has had her baby, you want her to still want to come back to you to continue training; and with children when they start to grow up, you need to make them want to come back as well. If you’re offering a good service then that should encourage them to come back for more.

It’s important to remember that specialist personal training means you’re targeting a much smaller pool of clientele; so finding clients may be harder. If your niche has a particularly small target audience then it can be a good idea to not limit yourself just to this niche. This doesn’t mean gaining qualifications in lots of different specialities, (remember, Jack of all trades, master of none!), but use your speciality as an extra on top of training ‘regular’ clients as well.

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