How to get Personal Training clients using special offers

As a Personal Trainer you’ll always be looking to expand your client database. If you’re struggling with how to get personal training clients, PT Portal can help! Special offers are a great way to attract new clients to you as a Personal Trainer. Creating personal training special offers with PT Portal is simple and effective, below we share the best offers for grabbing the attention of potential clients.

1. ‘Free Taster Session’

Personal Training Taster Sessions allow potential clients to feel more relaxed about Personal Training.  Good Personal Trainers will make the client feel comfortable by talking through what a normal session will involve, what the clients are expected to wear and bring with them, how long the session will last and where the sessions will be held.

A taster session is also a good opportunity for the PT to understand what the client is hoping to achieve and to explain how these goals will be met within a set time frame. PT Portal‘s Workout Manager tracks goals, records and assigns workouts so you can ensure your client reaches their goals.

Sharing a training session on PT Portal

2. ‘Buy a Block of 10 & Get 1 Session Free!’

Block Bookings are a great way to ensure a client pays signs up for enough training sessions to see some results and get into a routine.  Block Bookings also allow a PT to make their scheduling a little simpler as these sessions are often at the same time on the same day and can be scheduled in advance.  Selling recurring bookings with the option of giving special rates is a win win for both client and Personal Trainer. You can set Block Bookings to be displayed on your free website from PT PortalPT Portal Active Offer Table

3. ‘Last Minute Training Offer’

PT Portal‘s Booking Manager ensures you don’t lose earnings due to cancellations. Offering a last minute session following a personal training session cancellation reduces gaps or spaces in the calendar whilst at PT is at the gym ready to train.  PT Portal offers a Last Minute Session booking feature for Pro users and allows a PT to share on Facebook, Twitter and email that they have a session available to the first person who wants to snap it up.

4. ‘Free Body Stat & Health Check’

As a Personal Trainer, client screening questions should always be asked prior to training. Offering a session to complete these questions whilst setting initial goals and recording body stats can be a great start for your relationship with a client. Sending a PAR-Q form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to the client is done automatically with PT Portal so all you have to do is review the content, take their body stats and set your client goals using the PT Portal app. You’ll be off to a great start with your new client!

5. ‘New Year New You 10% Discount’

Everyone loves a good discount and who needs a Personal Trainer more than at the start of a new year. We are all guilty of enjoying Christmas festivities a little too much and as a result gym sign-ups spike every January. Offering a training session or set of sessions to coincide with the New Year will ensure the quiet time over the Christmas period most Personal Trainers experience is quickly forgotten.

6. ‘Recommend a Friend & Get a Free Training Session’

Asking your clients to recommend a friend in return for a free training session is a great way to increase your client portfolio without spending money on advertising.  Who else is better than someone with first hand experience to promote your great Personal Training.

Creating and Sharing a Personal Training Session on PT Portal

PT Portal allows users to create and share personal training offers with current or potential clients.  You can select which clients to share the offer with and keep track of who has opened offers to use. This will make your clients feel valued and ensure you remain competitive against other Personal Trainers.

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