How to make money as a Personal Trainer

Becoming a Personal Trainer is exciting, you have the ability to help people which is extremely rewarding and it certainly beats being stuck behind a desk all day. But what happens when you want to maximise your earnings without charging your valued clients more? If you’re wondering how to make money as a personal trainer look no further than PT Portal.


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Being a successful Personal Trainer shouldn’t be limited to your work inside the gym. There are plenty of ways to use your qualifications to boost your personal training salary while still having enough time to train your clients.

You can add to your annual income by teaching classes, running bootcamps or group training sessions. Many PT’s decide to take their knowledge online and provide personal training to clients over the web through custom training plans, health coaching and nutrition counselling. Others start a website or blog, which if successful can provide a big return on investment. Blogs are time consuming and unless you’re social media savvy with a unique selling point, its unlikely you’ll see much in the way of cash for a while.

PT Portal has a big win, little effort solution. Using our software Personal Trainers can earn commission on supplements by recommending them to their clients. Earning commission on supplements is a great way to make money with minimal effort, leaving you plenty of time to train your clients in the gym or online, run classes and even start a blog if you want to! It gives you the potential to connect with clients on a personal level, offering them a product that you believe can help them achieve results.

Signing up to PT Portal as a Personal Trainer means you can diversify your revenue, its the kind of service that works for you and requires little to no effort. Your PT Portal account is linked to the PT Portal Store so you can sell fitness products from your website. Each PT Portal Personal Trainer is given a free, professional website to give current and potential clients more information about your location, qualifications, specialty and hourly rate. By recommending products through PT Portal you can help your clients to find products to achieve their goals and get rewarded for every sale.

We offer plenty of products to help your client achieve their goals, from weight loss shakes to pre-workout fuel. Our products are high quality, great value and we offer a generous commission to Personal Trainers who sign up to our free fitness software and app.

Earning commission with PT Portal means you can to take some time off when feeling under the weather, or if you need a holiday. Your commission payments allow you to keep earning whilst away from the gym and build loyalty with your clients. To find out more about the beneficial features of PT Portal and sign up, head to our website now!


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