Managing Client Sessions

As a personal trainer, it’s important to make sure you can successfully manage your client sessions and keep on top of what you’re doing.

With this in mind, we’ve looked at different ways you can manage your client sessions so you can easily keep in control.

Pen and PaperScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 15.16.22

Pros – The traditional way of managing client sessions. It can be easy to quickly write down when your client wants to book in their next session. Pen and paper is something easy to have on hand, especially if you train at your home. It’s easy to see which slots are full and you have the freedom to write in extra information. Need to change something? That’s easy as well, just cross it out and it’s done.

Cons – If you go to a session and forget your pen and paper, you’ll be unable to see when you’re next free and when your client can come in for a session. It’s bulky to carry about and easy to lose. It would be a lot of work to schedule clients back in for their next sessions if you lose it. It can also be difficult for clients. If they want to re-schedule an appointment, a lengthy back and forth conversation would have to take place to work out when you’re both able to next fit in a session.

pt-managing-client-sessions-iphone-calendarNative calendar app for iPhone

Pros – This calendar comes with all iPhones, so it’s readily available. Quick and easy to use, you can easily schedule client appointments and it’s unlikely you’ll forget to bring it to your session! You are able to quickly view the whole month, so you can see when you’re busy and when you’re free.

Cons – The calendar only offers a month view or list view, so if you’re using month view, at a glance you can’t see what is happening on a specific day. Although you can see what you’re doing on a specific day with list view, it can look messy and is not easy to view at a glance. If you’re trying to work out when you’re next free for a client, it can become a lengthy and time-consuming process.





Gmail calendarpt-managing-client-sessions-gmail

Pros – The Gmail calendar allows you to set different views (Day, weekly, monthly), so you can easily see at a glance if you’re busy or not. You can also download the Gmail calendar app for your phone too, so you can use the calendar on your phone as well. A great advantage of the Gmail calendar is that you can share it with your clients, so they are able to see when you’re free and busy. This removes the issue of them asking for times when you’re already busy. You can send invites to your clients too so that they have the event in their calendar as well.

Cons – Unless you sync the calendar with your iPhone, you’ll need to carry around a tablet with you, or add the session into your calendar at the end of the day. This leaves potential room for error, if you get the time wrong then this could confuse the client and waste time.

pt-managing-client-sessions-sunrise-calendar-2.0Sunrise Calendar 2.0

Pros – This is a great calendar app which is compatible with Google calendar and iCloud. With real-time synchronisation, you’ll never forget a client session again. It also integrates with Facebook events, so you can have all your events in one place. A great design, which has many features, allowing you to manage everything from one place.

Another great feature is its integration with Google Maps. If you include a location in your event, it will give you directions. Going to a clients house? You’ll never get lost.

Cons – This calendar app does a lot. If you’re using a calendar just to schedule in client appointments, it might just be too fussy with too many unnecessary features. It also only connects with Google and iCloud, so if you’re using a different calendar, then integration will be difficult and time consuming.





Pocket Informant Pro

Pros – The calendar on this app has a variety of different views available, so you’re not restricted to seeing only a monthly or daily view. An extra feature on this app is the ability to create tasks, and then add checklists to your tasks. If you need to do something for your client, you won’t forget. Pocket Informant Pro also includes a contact manager, so you can easily store all of your client’s information in one easy-to-reach place.

Cons – The design isn’t as nice as some of the others apps we’ve looked at and can look a bit messy. It’s also quite expensive, so you need to make sure you really want all the features. There’s a lot of features, so if you just want a simple app to manage client appointments, this could be too advanced.


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