5 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2013

As a personal trainer you should always be looking at the new fitness trends that come along that might be of benefit to you. You might be able to incorporate these new trends into your client’s workouts or introduce different group sessions to your business to earn some more cash. It’s a good idea to keep on top of new trends so that if clients ask you about them you know what you’re talking about and can seem knowledgeable and trustworthy. You could consider turning any of these fitness trends into your personal training speciality. If you offer them on top of your regular personal training sessions then it’s a great way to find potential clients and get more money too. Just consider getting qualifications first.

We’ve found 5 of the top fitness trends 2013 for you to consider.


Ugi (U got it) is a 30-minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training. A
challenging way to become fit, it’s also fun and stylish.  The Ugi exercise is done with a Ugi Ball, a modern twist on a medicine ball. The Ugi Ball is weighted but ‘squishy’, which makes it unique, and is versatile enough to go anywhere, from the home, to a park or a busy gym. The Ugi workout is versatile, so you can mix it up and create different exercises to keep your client motivated. It’s particularly great for clients who don’t have much time and who are interested in the latest, stylish fitness trends. You can train to become a Ugi Instructor with Ugifit, where you will learn over 100 exercises with the Ugi ball.

Dance Workouts

Dance workouts are becoming more and more popular. Usually high intensity, a 30 minute Zumba
session could burn 250 calories. As a personal trainer, you could consider starting to offer dance workouts for clients. Best done in a group setting, this is a fun and energetic way to lose weight. As it engages the entire body and is high intensity, it’s incredibly popular for those who don’t like to exercise at the gym. With loud music and high-energy routines, dance workouts can be a lot of fun. Of course, you’ll need to get qualified to offer this sort of service, but there are plenty of courses that you can take part in. Dance workouts could become your niche, helping you to stand out from competitors. There are lots of popular dances to consider, such as Pure Barre, Zumba, Masala Bhangra and Sh’Bam.

great-lakes-80383_640Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp workouts are workouts that are tough for clients but will get results quick. They’re
becoming more and more popular in 2013 with boot camp style training sessions appearing everywhere. Clients taking part in bootcamp style workouts will expect it to be difficult and to be pushed, so if you don’t like shouting and getting tough with clients, this trend probably isn’t for you. You can train lots of clients at once so it’s a great way to get extra money quickly. You could consider offering bootcamp style workouts in the morning before people start work and in the evening after work, to get as many people signed up as possible.


One of the most popular fitness trends for 2013 is High Intensity Interval Training. As one of the
most effective techniques fitness professionals are using today, you can get your clients the results they want in much less time. HIIT is perfect for clients who don’t have much time, as the workouts are short but of high intensity, so they continue burning calories even once they’ve finished the workout. As it can be done anywhere, with equipment optional, it’s perfect for clients who want to workout outside or at home.

Surfset Fitness

Popular in the US and Australia, Surfset Fitness is a full body workout inspired by surfing. Done on
a board, you get the full physical demands of surfing without the surf, meaning you can create workouts that build balance, stability, core strength, agility, power, lean muscle, aerobic conditioning and coordination. Just 45 minutes of these workouts help for optimal fat burn, muscle build and improved balance. Incredibly unique but great fun, this would be perfect if you’re looking for a personal training specialty. You can train to become a Surfset instructor, which would guarantee that you would stand out from the hundreds of other personal trainers.


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