Best Personal Training Courses in the UK

To become a successful personal trainer, first you’ll need to be properly qualified. Personal training is a competitive field, so you need to make sure that you have the best qualifications and training that you can get to stand out from competitors. To help you, we’ve found some of the best personal training courses in the UK. If you’re looking to kick-start your personal training career or just wanting to expand your knowledge, we’ve found something for everyone.


REPs stands for the Register of Exercise Professionals and is an independent public register that recognises the qualifications of exercise instructors in the UK. Members of REPs are acknowledged for their professionalism, on-going education and adherence to the industry’s standards. All of the courses that are included in this post are recognised by REPs, so you know that you’re getting some of the best training available. By completing these courses, you will be recognised by REPs and will then able to sign up to become a member.

Premier Training International

Premier Training International are leading health and fitness industry training providers. They have the strongest sports scientists and industry experts to help shape syllabuses and training delivery, to give you some of the best training available. Premier Training International is perfect for those wanting to qualify as a personal trainer, those who are already qualified and are looking to progress their career, and those who want to take their expertise to the next level. All of their qualifications are certified through Active IQ (which is fully recognised by employers and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). For those looking to start a career in personal training you can get a diploma in fitness instructing and personal training. Premier Training International also offer Level 4 qualifications if you are already certified but just want to help take your expertise to the next level, which is the highest level of industry recognition. As well as this they offer some great extra courses that allow you to stay on top of your game and stay competitive these include fitness courses, nutrition courses, massage courses, business courses and online courses. They have 41 venues around the country (and even one in Dubai!), which means you’ll easily be able to find a venue near you.


YMCAfit was first established in 1984, and are the most experienced training provider in the UK, having trained over 70,000 instructors. YMCAfit offers world-class training for everyone, with an extensive range of different courses. For personal trainers, you are able to get either a certificate in personal training or an advanced diploma in personal training. The certificate is a basic qualification, which looks at gym-based skills to make sure that you are a competent trainer within a gym setting, great for those who just want to get a head start with some basic qualifications. With the advanced diploma, you’ll be looking at a much broader range of topics, which is perfect to help learn how to train individuals and groups indoors and outdoors. As well as the two main personal trainer courses, YMCAfit also offer a variety of other courses that you may be interested in if you want to extend your range of expertise, including courses for gym instructors, exercising to music, STOTT pilates and yoga.

Future Fit Training 

Future Fit Training has been in the industry for over 20 years, and to celebrate their 20th year in the fitness industry, they decided to focus their experience and expertise into three new centres; the School of Personal Training, School of Nutrition and School of Pilates. If you’re looking to start a career in personal training, their internationally recognised programme of study will give you REPs Level 3 status, an internationally recognised City & Guilds qualification, personal trainer and gym instructor qualifications and will also allow you to learn vital skills such as marketing, sports nutrition and exercise for fat loss. As well as this, they also offer other diplomas that you may be interested in to help expand your career, including diplomas in nutrition and weight management, teaching group exercise, fitness training, mat Pilates and weight loss management.

 EIF (European Institute of Fitness)

EIF is a unique training experience, with a track record of proven results. 80% of their graduates have become successful personal trainers 12 months on. EIF offer two courses, a 5-week residential fast track and a 10-week online + 10 day intensive course. Their 5-week residential fast track is the only residential training course in the UK, allowing you to gain real life experience as you learn. Away from daily distractions so you can completely focus on the training, and with like-minded people to keep you motivated, you’ll leave with Level 3 REPs and a host of real experience and confidence. Their 10 week online + 10 day intensive course will give you the same curriculum as the 5 week intensive fast track, but with the flexibility of learning from home. The 10 days on site will cover the more practical elements, so you don’t miss out from studying online.

The Training Room 

At the end of 2011, The Training Room had trained almost 6000 personal trainers, and are the biggest providers of personal training qualifications in the UK. The Training Room offer fast track personal training, the most convenient to getting a fully accredited personal training certification. Their personal trainer qualifications are recognised in Britain and across the globe, so you’re able to keep your options open when it comes to your personal training career. Once graduated, you can enter REPs at Level 3, one of the highest possible entries. The Training Room also offer part time personal training courses, consisting of 14 days of practical training and assessments, equating to seven weekends over six months. From this, you will receive a REPs Level 3 certification in personal training. The Training Room also offers online personal training courses, running Level 2 fitness instructing courses and Level 3 Personal training certificates, through a flexible e-learning programme. There have 17 locations around the UK, so you’ll be sure to find one near you.




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