UK Fitness Challenges to Motivate Your Clients

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to keep clients motivated is to have them set goals. What else would be the point of working so hard for so long if you didn’t have anything to work towards? However the normal goals of losing weight or toning up could become a little repetitive, so for your more competitive clients, why not sign them up to compete in fitness challenges? A goal with a difference can giv your clients a clear deadline to be ready for, motivate them to work harder and keep focused. It might not be for all your clients, but for some, this would be a great challenge.

We’ve found some of the best and most exciting UK fitness challenges for you to get your clients to work towards this year.

London to Paris bike ride

17th – 21st July

Although not a race, this four-day event is an interesting challenge to see if your clients have the endurance and fitness needed. Professional cycling guides will lead the way on the journey downLondon-to-paris Surrey to Portsmouth, before going across the Channel to cycle through quaint countryside villages and finishing in Paris. After cycling 325 miles, the challengers will then have Sunday to themselves, where they could get amongst the action of the 100th Tour de France final stage, before heading back to London that evening.  A great challenge if your clients love to cycle, and one that will really get them motivated to work hard so that they can ride through some of the most beautiful scenery and get to be part of the most exciting sporting weekend with the finale of the Tour de France!

The Summer Beast 

Sunday 15th September

The Beast is an event with a difference. Either a Double or Quit trail race of approximately 5 or 10
miles, depending on the beast event that you enter. For the Summer Beast, there is around 40 summer-beastjumps, 2 water splashes, camouflage netting to crawl under, slippy hills to go up and down (including the famous Nessie) and 2 water wades. Open to all abilities aged 18 or over, this will be a great endurance challenge to test your clients to their maximum. With prizes for the first, second and third male and female runners to complete their first lap; and the first, second and third male and female runners to complete 2 laps, there are lots to aim for. Spot prizes will also be given out. An impressive event for your clients to partake in something a bit different.

Coast to coast

14th – 15th September

The Scotland Coast-to-Coast is a serious test of endurance. A true point-to-point journey through Scotland over 2 days, this will really test your clients. If they’re really up for it, they can take part in the Expert challenge, where they’ll attempt to do the whole thing in one day, rather than two. Day coast-to-coast2one consists of 57 miles. Starting with the trail on foot, challengers will make their way through Scotland, then the bike stage gets underway, before having a quick paddle on sit-on-top kayaks and finishing day one with a brief run. Day two starts with bikes, before changing to foot, and then switching back to kayaks again before dashing ashore for the last few hundred meters to finish. The whole challenge is 105 miles, and really is ‘Scotland in a weekend’. A true test of endurance, it would be a great challenge for your clients to work towards.

London Duathlon

Sunday 15th September

A triathlon without the swimming; the London Duathlon is the world’s largest duatholon, which is a london-duathlon2run-bike-run event. Perfect for all abilities, there are different challenges to suit every ability. Your client will be racing through Richmond Park on closed roads, making the event a lot more relaxing without the stress of cars going past. If this is your client’s first major event, then why not get them to enter the Super Sprint – perfect for first timers with a 5km run, 11km bike and then a 5km run again. There are also team challenges, so you could even consider getting some of your clients together to form a team. With the encouragement from each other, they could do even better.

Great North Run

Sunday 15th September

With 55,000 participants, this is the most popular half marathon in the world to date. Consisting of great-north-run
13.1 miles, the course begins in Newcastle going through Gateshead and finishing in the coastal town of South Shields. In 2012, the event saw runners from over 40 different countries with many world class athletes taking part too. Live music and refreshments are situated around the course to keep runners entertained and motivated. A remarkable challenge for your clients that prefer running and who want to be a part of something great.

 Beauty and the Beast Marathon

21st September 

The UKs toughest but most rewarding trail marathon. It is a popular event that takes place in a
beautiful scenic location in West Wycombe Park. Of course, if this is the ‘beauty’ then there needs
Beauty-and-the-Beastto be a reason to be called ‘the beast’. Each lap is 4.4 miles and the full marathon option is a six-lap race over numerous hills. It has been described as a lung-bursting, soul-destroying race which will really test runners to their limits. There are also options of completing a half marathon or competing in teams of two, three or six, so there will be something to suit everyone. This is really going to test your clients to their limits that will need a lot of training, but it will be a memorable race and one that will really make them feel like they’ve accomplished something.

Fitness events can be a great way to keep clients motivated and to mix up the normal routine. Although not for all, it’s definitely worth seeing if your clients are up for it. If they’re still a long way off of being able to compete in any of these, why not see if they would enjoy competing in 2014? A long-term goal can be just as effective as a short term one. You could even use this as a potential marketing opportunity. See if your clients are willing to wear branded clothing when competing, which would help get your name out there, particularly useful with events that have photographers. The better your client does, the more people that will take notice, and you could end up with many new clients!





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