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We’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Personal Training Videos on YouTube. Watch and gain tips and tricks to incorporate into your own personal training session, and see how other trainers train their clients.

1. Fitness Blender’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout – Kell’s Kettlebell Routine for Total Body Toning

This video is useful if you want to start incorporating new equipment into you routines. Including different exercises to use with the kettle bell you are also able to see the benefits for your clients.

2. P90X Workout, Full Body Class with Tony Horton, Class FitSugar

An intense, quick video that demonstrates that you don’t need to have really long workouts to have an effective workout. For clients with less time, short, intense bursts can be just valuable.

3. Belly Fat Blasting Workout, Tone Abs, Class FitSugar

Another one from FitSugar, a great video if you’re looking to start doing group exercises and how you could start communicating to more people at once. Also includes different equipment in the workout such as weights, so it is useful to see how you can incorporate different equipment within the normal workout.

4. Best Lower Ab Workout Ever

This video has some great ideas for more unique workouts. With its exciting and motivational vibe it’s useful to see how you could motivate your clients more. It’s innovative way of using paper plates within the workout could be a great idea to start incorporating into your client’s routine, for those days that they can’t come to you, but still want to exercise from home.

5. Bootcamp Calorie Burn – Workout Video

A high intensity, exhilarating workout which is incredibly engaging. A really useful video to see how to keep motivating your clients when embarking on such a tough workout.

6. Jillian Michaels: 6 week six-packs Abs Workout – Level 1

A really useful video that shows a variety of different exercises, but with modifications for beginners and those that are more experienced. Showing the same exercise, you can get ideas on how to modify your exercises for beginners and those that are more advanced and want a challenge. The way that the trainer continues to make sure that the clients have the correct technique is valuable to see the best way to make sure that your clients are doing it right.

7. Abs Workout for Men in Gym or at Home.

For the client that wants a six-pack, this is a worthwhile video. With some great ideas that you can start incorporating into your workouts, the use of different equipment also helps to mix things up.

8. 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever!

An incredibly comprehensive list of different exercises to start including in your clients workout, this is a really useful video.

9. Bodyweight Workout Video – No Exercise Equipment Routine

In this video you are able to see exactly how a personal trainer interacts with a client, to see how they train and check technique. Interesting if you’re looking to know how to be clearer when explaining new exercises and techniques.

10. Workouts with a Personal Trainer: Pilates and Abs Exercises for Men

Here a personal trainer talks you through some different exercises for men. Pilates being traditionally ‘girly’, this is interesting if you are looking to start integrating it into a male routine for something a bit different. Having a personal trainer talk you through can also be useful to make sure that you get the techniques right if you haven’t done something like this before.

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