The Best Running Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

Running is a great way to get outdoors and get fit. However sometimes you might just need a bit more motivation to see how you’re doing, and using one of the best running apps is a great way for you to track your progress and motivate yourself to go further and faster.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best running apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phones for you to use when you’re out training.


Available on: iPhone, Android, Windows


One of the most popular with 20million people using it, this free running app lets you track runs,
jogs and cycling. With plenty of stats to show you how you’re doing, Runkeeper will track your journey with GPS. With the ability to update your weight so you can make sure that the amount of calories burned stays accurate, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular mobile running apps at the moment. There are some great extra features too, such as notifications when your hit new personal bests and milestones, controls for you to listen to music, the ability to take photos along the way and sharing capabilities, allowing you to share your time through Facebook. For a free mobile running app this is definitely one to try.

Ghost Race

Available on: iPhone, Android

If you’re more motivated by being in a competition, then this running app is for you. Ghost Race lets you to train against a competitor by allowing you to set the distance and pace you want to beat. You can also virtually race against yourself from a previous run, or friends or athletes in your area. You can even challenge your friends to compete against you.  You can compare your performance from day to day, and the audio function keeps you updated on your progress against your ‘ghost’. A running app with a difference, we think this is a great one for those who like a bit of competition.

Nike+ Running

Available on: iPhone, Android


Another stat heavy running app, Nike+ Running allows you to track your distance, pace time and
calories burned, as well as showing you your history. You can even keep track of your performance in different weather! Your run is automatically uploaded to so you can see your runs, route and elevation. Of course, this is Nike, so it’s going to have some exciting features. When you’re nearing the end of your run you can activate a power song to help motivate you to finish. But the feature we like the best though is real-time cheering. Share on Facebook or Path that you’re doing a run, and whenever one of your friends likes or comments on the post, you’ll hear real-time cheers to keep you motivated throughout your run!


Available on: iPhone


If you’re not bothered about lots of different features, then Fitnio is what you’re looking for. A simple running app, it’s like being at the gym but outdoors. You get to see the same stats you’d expect to see if you were on a treadmill or stationary bike, allowing you to walk, run, jog or cycle with real time feedback. Displaying the distance, speed, pace and calories burned, you’re able to take the treadmill outdoors and get exactly the same information as if you were training hard at the gym. Perfect for those who are looking for something simple.

Zombies, Run!

Available on: iPhone, Android


Possibly one of our favourite running apps is Zombies, Run!, and with over 450,000+ runners,
we’re not alone. If you like stats and numbers then this one won’t be for you as Zombies, Run! turns your run into a story about survival. You’re turned into a character called ‘runner 5’ and your mission is to help save lives in the zombie apocalypse. You undertake a series of missions, and have to run and listen to the narratives to uncover the story.  While you’re out running you will collect supplies such as ammunition, medicine and batteries, so you can build and expand the base. The app will record distance, time, pace and calories burned during each mission, and if you’re using GPS you can also opt in to participate in a zombie chase where you will have to run faster for a period of time or risk being caught by zombies and lose supplies, or fail the mission. Zombies, Run! Is a fantastic app if you don’t like running and need more motivation, as this is like participating in a real life game. Designed by fitness experts at Up and Running, this is definitely one of our favourites.

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