Parkour Training and How It Can Inspire You

We decided to have a look at some different fitness trends, and stumbled upon Parkour. After watching some videos, we started to get really inspired.

Before we started looking at Parkour in more depth, we decided to get in contact with some Parkour experts, to see what they thought about Parkour and how to get started.

Brett Roberts – Brett started Parkour in 2008. With previous experience in martial arts and an interest in fitness, these disciplines helped to shape his interest. In 2011 he began coaching Parkour, and later became one of the first APEX Movement Level 1 Certified Parkour Coaches. He really knows what he’s talking about!

“The best way to start training parkour is to do it now, and to start small but to start with parkour.  Once you’ve learned how to get started with landings, quadrapedal movement, and perhaps a vault or two, then you can begin moving right now: climb a tree, vault a handrail, gallop across a field on all fours.  Begin redefining your relationships with the spaces you pass through every day and see how that changes you.  Parkour is physically a system of movement, but mentally and spiritually it is a tool for gaining self-knowledge.  Find out who you are today. “

Ben Musholt – With backgrounds in gymnastics and martial arts, Ben has been practising Parkour since 2010, and how has great online videos to help you practise Parkour at home! Stay tuned for our second Parkour post to see our interview with Ben.

“One of the best things about training parkour is that once you have
parkour vision, meaning the ability to see different ways to move
through an environment, you’ll never be bored. Ever. The neighborhood
right out your front door contains an abundance of fun, physical
challenges if you just open your eyes. To me, that’s one of the best
reasons to pick it up.”

After watching the videos and speaking to the experts, we decided to create a short Parkour guide, where we will look at what Parkour is, and how you can start undertaking Parkour training so that you can become a Parkour expert!

“The object of Parkour is to get from one place to another in the most efficient way possible using only the human body and the objects in the environment”

In other words, Parkour is natural, effective movement. When you come across an obstacle, you pass it in whatever way feels right for you and for the moment.

Ever seen those high-speed action chases in movies such as James Bond and wished you could do that? With Parkour, you can. It just takes patience and practise.

Parkour training – Everyone can do it

Anyone can do Parkour, because anyone can think of a way to get around an obstacle. The speed is what makes it difficult, but with practise it can become as easy as breathing.

Parkour training is different from just normal exercise because it involves your mind too. You have to decide quickly how you can get past an obstacle, whilst taking in the conditions and surroundings. Is it sunny, dry, wet? All of these are going to have an impact on the way you are able to move over an obstacle.

Parkour is not just about fancy tricks. When you watch videos you’ll see people who have had years or practise doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Parkour is fundamentally about getting around obstacles in the best way you can. You don’t need to add tricks to make it look good, and this can come with time.

So how do you learn Parkour moves?

Parkour takes a lot of practise. You can’t just go out into the big wide world and start running about, you’re at risk of injury if you do this. You need to make sure that you’re as fit as you can be and all of your muscle groups are ready.

An important tip to remember is to never be too confident. Over confidence will mean you start tackling obstacles that you’re not ready for, leaving you at risk of broken bones or even concussion.

Get trained and offer it to clients

There are many training courses available that you can go on, which will help train you in parkour,
allowing you to offer it to clients. Parkour is growing rapidly and is a unique fitness trend to offer.

Some courses are very short and intensive. We would recommend that after the course you continue practising for a while before offering to clients, as you need to be confident in doing parkour yourself before being able to teach others.

Parkour Generation – Offers a 2 day introductory course and a certification course so that you can start including it into your own training programmes

Glasgow Parkour Training  – Offers parkour courses, allowing you to understand the basics of Parkour

Learn to do it

In our next Parkour blog post, we’ll explain how you can start learning Parkour with different exercises and moves, so that you can learn to become a Parkour expert! Keep watching this space…

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