PT Portal is born

Three years ago, having been a personal trainer for 5 years before that, I started to think about how much time I was spending trying to get new clients and doing all of the admin to run my business, versus doing what I love – training my clients and earning my money. I would hear about how technology was changing business in other industries and wondered how personal training had been left behind.

I thought about how to be more efficient at marketing myself, getting new clients.

Simon and Pascal

Simon and Pascal, founders of PT Portal

Maybe a business website would be a good idea, but how do I even start to get one? How can I easily present my business in a professional manner to increase my trial appointments?

I looked at the iPhone in my pocket and wondered whether there was a better way to organise my day than the texts and phone calls to clients that were so difficult to manage and keep track of. And the one phone call I always dreaded making was the one asking for the money from clients who had forgotten to pay me!

I thought about ways to make more money, because obviously as a personal trainer your training income is restricted with only so many days in a week and hours in a day. Just selling the odd tub of protein for pence profit was no way to do it. How could I set up my own business that built on my expertise in health and fitness but went beyond just my hours in the day?

Around the same time, my client (and now my business partner) Simon Webster, was always saying the training product I deliver is great but was thinking about how technology could help him to train better as my client. He wanted to know about what was inside his training book, the records I keep of our training together – how could we come up with a method to record our workouts in a way that he could see, track the goals we have set together and visualise his success. He wanted to be able to record his own training, when I wasn’t there, but with my expertise to guide his workouts.

Sound familiar?

Let’s face it, as a personal trainer the thing we all hate the most is the admin!  Booking clients, texting, calling; using books to record each client’s programme; trying to read my own hand-writing is hard enough!   Pushing ourselves onto gym newbies is a painful and sometimes embarrassing part of the job, just to try and win a new client.  And don’t we all want to give out clients something extra, to set us apart from the rest of the personal trainers out there? Don’t we want to give them the very best training experience we can?

So, Simon and I sat down and worked out how. PT Portal was born.

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