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Personal trainers are not well renowned for being the most organised individuals; most PTs, like myself, would have double, or even triple booked sessions before.

Block bookings, while beneficial to personal trainers in many respects can can be difficult to keep track of. Individual clients have their own needs, some prefer to pay every 10 sessions while others are happy to commit for longer periods of time. Often when clients book block bookings, their personal and work lives intervene, meaning you need to reassess your current schedule quite regularly.

Personally, I never stop taking on clients, there’s not one week where all clients can train, so I like to keep my options open. My 24 hour cancellation policy ensures I’m protected from losing money, but this does mean I’m often changing my schedule last minute, losing track of my block bookings which has the potential to impact poorly on my business or my clients.

I felt that currently, I wasn’t organised enough and needed something a little more technical than my phone calendar to manage my personal training block bookings. This personal experience has assisted in the development process of PT Portal; our team want to ensure PT’s are maximising their time and profits by staying organised.

With the new PT Portal, we are introducing a fantastic new block bookings feature. You, as a personal trainer, can now create block-booking sessions, specifying the amount of sessions and the price, before assigning the sessions to the correct client.

The block bookings feature will keep track of completed sessions for you, integrating seamlessly with the calendar and money manager feature. You’ll never have to worry about double booking clients again.


Create & manage personal training block bookings

Simply use your calendar to create a new block booking by choosing a client, number of sessions and cost.

Create & manage personal training block bookings

Once you’ve completed this information you can book your first session of that block into your calendar.

Create & manage personal training block bookings

All blocks are assigned to a client, when you select their name you can choose ‘standard session rate’ or ‘block booking’. PT Portal lists the number of bookings completed so you never lose track!

We also offer clients the chance to join PT Portal, they will receive a notification that you have created a block booking and scheduled in their sessions. Their calendar is linked directly to yours, ensuring neither of you miss a session.

Want to know more about PT Portal? Sign up now to be part of the fitness revolution.

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