"Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Athlete"


With my past experience in kickboxing, cross country running, strength training and presently triathlon/marathon, I've gained a solid foundation of experience and knowledge in strength conditioning, weight loss, cardio development and postural rehabilitation. Even before I became a Personal Trainer, it was always my goal to use my experience and knowledge to help people achieve a level of athleticism and aesthetics they're proud to have. My approach isn’t just training but also teaching. The sooner you understand health and fitness, the sooner you can fully take control of it. With this you can then achieve the physique you want. "I have found Tom's professional and scientific approach to training to be a welcome change from the generic style of most PT's I have encountered. Tom’s dietary advice has been excellent in helping me reduce fat and maintain muscle mass. Furthermore Tom's postural exercise programme has been excellent in correcting my form and has also yielded strength gains in my lifting. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom as a PT to anyone." Paul McManus


  • Fitness Industry Education - Level 3 Personal Trainer

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