"I lied!......one more rep!"


I have been training for over 33 years and am still able to perform at an International standard and continuing to improve. The key is adaptation; I train for strength: muscular strength muscular speed muscular endurance Improving your strength will assist you in any sports endeavour and equip you to face the challenges of wanting to win or just discover how good you can be. We are all living a lot longer and it is important to embrace life with a body as fit and strong as is personally possible......this requires consistency and dedication ,but, is a sound investment into your future. The first few steps of this journey can be hard.......just as the long journey will be riddled with obstacles.....breaking through a plateau is just as mentally exhausting as having no idea what to do.....let me help and see if we can turn things around together. I am not a trainer for everyone.....it is essential that you really want to improve and are willing to accept the pain associated with positive physical development; if that is you then contact me. I always provide one free training session for mutual assessment no obligation; what have you got to lose? Remember.......squat....deadlift..... bench!


  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer

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